Institute Beauté in New York City offers progressive foot treatments, pain relief, surgeries, and solutions for overall foot health. Dr. Suzanne Levine is a leading innovator in podiatry, winning multiple awards, earning the respect of her peers, and is the go to doctor for television, print, and online media.

Below, is a list of some of the most popular and signature treatments, foot services, and procedures developed by Dr. Suzanne Levine.

Her New York City foot treatments are done in-house and include: bunion surgeryburning feetdropped metatarsal treatmentexcess foot perspiration & smelly feetfoot facial treatmenthaglund’s deformity,hammertoeheel spurlaser treatment for fungal nailsloub job (for arthritis, injectionneuromaoblique tilt-up osteotomy,orthoticspillows for your feet injectionsplantar fibromasubungal exostosistailor’s buniontoenail procedureswart removals and more.

If you do not see a foot service for your particular foot condition below, please do not hesitate to contact us. You are encouraged and advised to discuss any of your podiatric concerns with Dr. Suzanne Levine during your consultation.

You may browse our foot services by symptom or area of foot pain.  We look forward to speaking with you.

Dr. Suzanne Levine’s Foot Services

Bunion Deformity

Bunion Deformity Surgery & Treatment at Institute Beaute, New York with Dr. Suzanne Levine

Bony bump on the side of your big toe? Find out what treatment options are available to you at Institute Beauté.

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Burning Feet

Burning Feet Treatment at Institute Beaute, New York with Dr. Suzanne Levine

Difficult to wear your favorite pair of shoes and/or spend time on your feet? Find out more about our Stiletto RX procedure.

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Dropped Metatarsal Treatment

Dropped Metatarsal Surgery & Treatment at Institute Beaute, New York

Do you have pain in the ball of your foot — the part of the sole just behind your toes? Does it get worse when you stand, walk or run and improves when you rest?

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Excess Foot Perspiration & Smelly Feet


In a single treatment you can be free of this stressful and often embarrassing condition for up to a year, sometimes more.

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Foot Facial Treatment by Dr. Suzanne Levine

Foot Facial Treatment at Institute Beaute, New York

Dr. Levine's fabulous, innovative, and luxurious Foot Facial will leave your feet baby soft and feeling fresher than ever!.

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Haglund’s Deformity Treatment

Haglunds Deformity Treatment at Institute Beaute, New York with Dr.Suzanne Levine

Haglund’s deformity is an enlargement of the bone on the back of the heel that can lead to inflammation, irritation, and pain.

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Institute Beauté Services - Hammertoe Featured Image

Has one of your middle toes become bent up and twisted? We can help eliminate the pain & deformity.

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Heel Spur

Heel Spur Surgery & Treatment at Institute Beaute, New York

Painful bony protrusion on the heel of the foot? We offer the latest techniques & advanced methods of treatment.

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Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

Institute Beaute Services - Hyperhidrosis / Excessive Perspiration Treatment - New York City

Say goodbye to sweaty hands, sweaty feet and sweaty underarms with BOTOX® or Dysport®. One half-hour treatment usually last a year or more.

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Laser Treatment for Fungal Nails

Precision surgical laser treatment for ingrown, torn, thickened, and fungal nails.

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Loub Job Injection

Treatment for arthritis sufferers experiencing pain & joint flexibility issues in their big toe developed by Dr. Levine.

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Neuroma Treatment & Surgery at Institute Beaute, New York

Severe foot pain, numbness, or tingling? Do you often feel like you need to take off your shoe and rub the bottom of your foot? Speak with someone. It could lead to permanent nerve damage.

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Oblique Tilt-Up Osteotomy

Institute Beaute Services Oblique Tilt-Up Osteotomy - New York City

Painful hard spot on the bottom of the foot? Feel like you have a stone in your shoe all the time? It may require surgery.

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Orthotics at Institute Beaute, New York with Dr. Suzanne Levine

We provide our patients with top quality, custom-made inserts molded from foot impression casts to treat or alleviate foot disorders.

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Pillows For Your Feet Injection

Pillows For Your Feet Stiletto RX Injection - Institute Beaute, Podiatrist New York & Park Ave by Dr. Suzanne Levine

Injection & Ultrasound treatment to restore padding to the ball of the foot. Great for high heel shoe lovers.

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Plantar Fibroma

Institute Beaute Services - Plantar Fibroma - New York City

Knot in the arch of the foot that feels firm to the touch? It is probably a plantar fibroma and will not go away without treatment.

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Subungal Exostosis

Subungal Exostosis Treatment & Surgery at Institute Beaute, New York

Sharp pain at the end of your toe? You may have developed what is essentially a heel spur beneath the surface of your toe..

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Tailor’s Bunion

Institute Beaute Services Tailor's Bunion Treatment

Bony painful bump on the right side of your foot near your pinky toe? Find out more about this more rare version of the bunion.

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Toenail Procedures


Have you noticed something wrong with your toe that has you worried. Is it new? Ongoing? Are you experiencing pain?

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Wart Removal

Wart Removal at Institute Beaute, New York with Dr. Suzanne Levine

Have you noticed a growth on the sole, ball, or heel of your foot? Do you spend a lot of time in bare feet, in the showers, at the gym?

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