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Leading New York Podiatrist Dr. Suzanne Levine & Progressive Face and Body Treatments – Book Now

Institute Beauté is the home of award-winning New York Podiatrist, Author, & Inventor Dr. Suzanne Levine.

Institute Beauté is the home of award-winning New York Podiatrist, Author, & Inventor Dr. Suzanne Levine.

Located on Park Avenue in NYC, Institute Beauté offers the latest cutting-edge treatments for various foot conditions, corrective foot surgery, aesthetic podiatry, and signature methods of pain relieving treatments and injections pioneered and developed by Dr. Levine.

A self-proclaimed shoe addict, Dr. Suzanne Levine, was inspired by her elite and celebrity driven clientele, to provide a solution for the ongoing effects that come from wearing the sky-high designer stilettos we dream about.

The aristocrats of Manhattan commonly refer to Dr. Suzanne Levine as the ‘Park Avenue Podiatrist’ or ‘Podiatrist in High Heels’.

Dr. Suzanne Levine is a candid supporter and a passionate advocate of women not having to sacrifice optimal foot health for the sake of their undeniable sense of fashion. As a leading expert at the forefront of podiatry combined with her revolutionary resolve to “provide pain-free beauty,” she has become a favorite and staple guest appearing on various highly rated, network television shows including Good Morning America, The Dr. Oz Show, The Doctors, The Today Show and many other shows and print media around the world.

Dr. Levine is a leading foot specialist in Manhattan. For over 20 years, Dr. Levine has engaged in innovative products in foot care and has sold foot products in the greater NYC area and internationally. Her innovative techniques as a foot specialist in NYC have been time tested. Dr. Levine is ranked among the leading and best podiatrists in NYC.

Institute Beauté, a world-renowned destination for superior podiatric care, is also a Medical Spa where beauty conscious women and men in Manhattan can have access to the latest Non-Surgical, Anti-Aging Cosmetic Treatments to achieve their Self Care & Beauty Priorities and maintain beauty from Head to Toe.

We look forward to providing you exceptional service and top-quality care.

If you do not reside in or near the New York area to visit Dr. Levine at Institute Beauté, we encourage you to read Dr. Suzanne Levine’s latest book, “My Feet Are Killing Me”, her blog, and view the line of foot, face and body products that she and her associate Everett Lautin, M.D. created to help people everywhere enjoy the benefit of happy, healthy feet.

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Pillows For Your Feet®

Pillows for Your Feet® are the revolutionary soft gel inserts invented by Celebrity Podiatrist, Dr. Suzanne Levine, New York’s premier award winning foot surgeon. She is also an avid shoe lover, author of many books including My Feet Are Killing Me, and a featured consultant on The Dr. Oz Show.

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