New York Podiatrist, Dr. Suzanne Levine of Institute Beauté, has received many accolades, awards and honors throughout her more than 20 year career.

Dr. Levine expresses much gratitude to have been recognized for her work, her contributions to the field of podiatry, and the extraordinarily feedback from her elite clientele.

However, what drives her the most are the relationships that she has created and sustained with all her patients, and the joy she experiences after having been able to help them get back to a place of optimal foot health.

Dr. Suzanne Levine’s inspiration behind her ongoing passion for her life’s calling is reflected in her words for her patients.


Dear Dr. Suzanne Levine,
I would like to inform you that while at Southampton Hospital 19th Annual Ellen’s Run, I had the opportunity to try Stiletto Rx. This product is extremely comfortable. I would recommend this to my colleagues, friends and family members. I would like to thank you for your generosity in supplying the runners with the great product.
Sincerely, William Santiago

Dr Levine is a very good foot surgeon. Her technical skill and her care for her patients makes her the podiatrist to go to in Manhattan. The office staff is very professional and attentive.

Excellent podiatrist. Caring and professional staff. She is superior in many ways to other podiatrists and cares very much for her patients and their results.

The Staff at Institute Beaute is the absolute best! I live in Los Angeles and it is so hard to find a great doctor. I friend of mine in the industry recommended Dr. Levine. I flew out to New York and I must say my feet are feeling so much better! They took my insurance and were so understanding. I was so worried because I had to wear heels on set. Dr. Levine walked me through the surgical procedure. She is the best of the best. Hands down! I am so grateful I met her. She is the sweetest person ever. Thank you. Thank you!

Dr Levine is a very good podiatrist. She has treated both myself and my husband, and several of our close friends. She took her time to explain the procedure to me in great detail, calling me at my house when i had some questions over the weekend, and gave me wonderful after care that went beyond. I was back on my feet very quickly- in no pain! She is a truly old school, wonderful doctor. Happy to have found her.

Just had corrective surgery. Still recovering but feel everything went well. The follow up care is exceptional.

I was a professional musical theater dancer for 25 years and as a result had cysts on top of my big toe joint. It became swollen and painful. Dr Levine had an MRI machine in her office (very convenient) so we knew exactly what was going on without having to go to another location. A regular xray did not show a good enough image to know what was the problem. She was very confident and explained exactly what was going on and also my options. The surgery was successful and within 3 weeks I was walking pretty smoothly. Her staff is excellent and very easy to speak with and knowledgeable, too. I was concerned with being able to dance in heels, but my foot is halfway there and Dr Levine and I both are confident I will get my range of motion that I had before the surgery. I highly recommend her, she is great!

I have had five surgeries on my toe from “big” doctors at the Hospital of Special Surgery in New York. I have had more injections than I could remember. I still had constant toe pain and burning on the bottom of my feet. I heard about Dr. Suzanne Levine from articles I read and TV appearances. I decided to try her. She was extremely understanding and knowledgeable about feet. She injected a medication for my toe pain that no other doctor ever tried or suggested before, and it totally worked. She then injected what she calls “Sculptra Injections” to the bottom of my feet to relieve the burning sensation that no other doctor was able to eliminate before. It is an injection that I have never heard of before (I had read that she is known for this, and it is often used by dancers and models who are on their feet a lot). It WORKED! I had these shots at the end of April and it is now August 1, and I am out of this pain. I recommend visiting Dr. Levine if you have any foot problems.

Had both of my moderately severe bunions done and no to little pain! Dr. Levine is not only professional and experienced, she has a great supporting staff. This made the whole experience from consultation to surgery to recovery, stress free for me. They were there to answer all my questions and are such pioneers of the field, that I never doubted the success of my surgery. I recommend her with very high regards. Thank you for my new feet!

Dr. Levine is THE ULTIMATE BEST!!! SHE IS HELPFUL, INFORMATIVE, KNOWLEDGABLE AND JUST FLAT OUT AMAZING!!! . . . I recommended quite a FEW people to this office after just my 1st visit!! My surgery went well and I will continue to recommend people even AFTER I heal. Best choice I made after debating on getting rid of my bunion for years.

Entire staff, front-desk, aides are extremely helpful. Dr. LEVINE has a great ‘bedside’ manner.

Dr Levine is an amazing podiatrist. I have to travel many miles to see her as she is the only person I have found who is doing the procedure I need to relive my chronic arthritic toe pain. She is very knowledgeable and truly cares about her patients. Her staff also helped to decrease my fear about having an injection in my foot. As a nurse I understand what it takes to be proficient and professional and this office has it all.

Dr. Levine in my opinion is a remarkable podiatrist, she is very knowledgeable on her profession. I came in with corns she performed an injection procedure that did miracles to my feet, with progress, time & a few laser sessions now I can walk with my beautiful sandals thanks to doctor Levine.

Dr. Levine is a wonderful doctor. I went to her because i had limited motion on the joint of my big toe where my bunion area is. She mentioned this procedure she does called the Loube Job Injection. I’m PAIN FREE!!! I’m able to wear my high heels for hours. I recommend everyone to this office its a really great office with her staff being really caring and very helpful I Love It!! Really great service.

I had gone to many other doctors to find a solution for my painful foot. One visit to Dr. Levine and the prognosis was discovered. Dr. Levine has an empathy and compassion for her patients that far exceeds most other physicians. Her extreme desire to see her patients at their best is commendable. She is also a caring, warm and altruistic individual. Not only is Dr. Levine a consomate professional, she surrounds herself with the most remarkable staff. Not only did my surgery go flawlessly, I had no pain upon recovery, none!!! During my post op., I was called routinely to see how I was feeling and if I had any questions. Dr. Levine’s nurse even called me on Labor Day weekend, on HER way to HER vacation. Dr. Levine is the best of the best!

When you are a patient at the Institute Beaute, you are not just under Dr. Levine’s exceptional care. Her entire staff is incredibly dedicated, kind, and helpful. I went to Dr. Levine for bunion and tendon surgery on my left foot, and had never been under the knife before. With the reassurance of the entire team, I made it through the surgery without much in the way of nerves. Since having the surgery at her in-house surgi-center, I have been treated several times by the staff in order to have the easiest recovery possible. I will have to have the same surgery on my right foot, and I have no doubt that it will be just as smooth the next time around!!

Staff’s friendly and I like that they make the effort to schedule you for your next right after. Too many times, you intend on calling back but never get around to it. Also, they always call to reconfirm and follow up with phone calls after your procedures to check up on you. Office wait times are within a reasonable window that one would expect. I once had only 45 minutes and called to alert the staff and they made sure that it was do-able beforehand & made sure I was in and out. Dr Levine herself is awesome as she is very hands on and spends a lot of time telling you about the procedures and what to expect, esp on the first meeting & before your surgery. Like with any surgery, recovery times vary depending on the person but she has been involved with the recovery process and is always coming up with different options to fit my particular need to get me back in my heels. I was also surprised at how much time she devotes to her patients since she is quite prominent in her field.

I just had bunion surgery with Dr.Levine, she is extremely knowledgeable, informing, punctual and caring. The staff is friendly, helpful and always on time and accommodating. My experience with Dr.Levine as a patient for over a year now continues to be always positive and a doctors appointment that I actually look forward going to.

I been waiting for years to find a podiatrist to fix my painful feet. I had no warning signs and I led a healthy lifestyle. I had foot pain – bunions, corns, hammertoes, had foot surgery also not enough fat under foot so I must get injections – Juvéderm and Sculptra that provide cushioning for foot soles, making it easier to wear sadistic heels. I am gratefully to Dr. Levine she has help me reclaim my life now have NO foot pain and ABLE to wear heels again!!! Thank You for your consideration in this matter. Jenny.

Just completed second bunion surgery in June 2012 with Dr. Levine. Since first I have moved to Colorado and I returned to NYC specifically for her to do second surgery. Beautiful result due to her surgical skill and after care!

I saw Dr. Levine for painful bunions. I was hesitant to have surgery because of all the horror stories I heard. She explained the procedure in detail and had me watch a video as well. Her and her staff answered all my questions from recovering time to insurance. I was very pleased with the results. A year later I am rocking my high heels. She is truly the High Heeled Doctor!

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