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Dr. Suzanne Levine - Blame Her Shoes Not Her Feet


Sarah Jessica Parker's feet caused quite a stir at a recent event. Dr. Levine shares with Daily News tips for other hard working, professional, stiletto high heel loving women who can relate to our beloved Sex In The City star.

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NY Post - Zip/Tuck by Beth Landman


Scientists and doctors have been busy coming up with cutting-edge advances that focus on specific problem areas. In this article published in the NY Post, Dr. Levine is featured for her work with feet.

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Self Magazine - Take Care of Your Feet


“We keep our body in shape but ignore and overuse our feet,” says Suzanne Levine, D.P.M., a podiatric surgeon in New York City. Dr. Levine share with Self Magazine ways you can care of your dogs before they start to bark.

Institute Beauté Web Press FI - - Fabulous Feet Over Forty


Do high heels equal agony for you? Are you a high heel and stiletto shoe lover that just can't give them up? Dr. Levine offers up some useful information to have fabulous feet over 40 for