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  • Institute Beaute - Picks for Fall, Michael Kors - New York, 2009

    Picks for Fall – Michael Kors

    As a podiatrist who also happens to be a shoe fetishist – or is it the other way around? – I’m always on the lookout for gorgeous shoes that will also fit “problem feet.” Michael Kors has really hit the jackpot with some of the selections from his Fall 2010 line.

  • Institute Beaute, New York - Kitten Heels Put The Me Back In Meow

    Kitten Heels: Putting the “me” back in MEOW……

    Dr. Levine shares her love for The Kitten Heel and outlines other foot health benefits that you can enjoy by wearing one of Audrey Hepburn’s favorite heeled shoes as an alternative to other options that might be causing you pain.