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  • Viral Sensation in NYC

    Meet The Woman Who Invented The Loub Job As seen on Refinery29 and Huffington Post…Read On Here.  

  • Featured in the Accredited Bunion Advisor

    Luxurious Foot Treatments May Soothe Bunions, Get Feet Louboutin-Ready… Sky-high mules in jeweled, suede and metallic varieties marched down the spring 2012 runway recently, leading a New York Times blogger to become self-conscious about her ballet-beaten feet. Consequently, writer Chelsea Zalopany visited some of the Big Apple’s most luxurious spas seeking treatment for her busted […]

  • The Transformative Power of a Good Shoe

    The quickest way to change how you feel? A drastic shoe change! As children we imagine what it’s like to be a million different people everyday. We’re free to entertain limitless possibilities. Unfortunately, “dress up” and “pretend” get a pretty bad rap once you hit your 20s (about the same time people get weird looks […]

  • Please Help These Feet Fit Into My Stilettos

    High heeled shoes today are like work of art, which means that comfort is not their primary purpose.  Even if they don’t fit at first, there are treatments that enable women to wear them and love wearing them!   Injections of implants, such as Sculptra, to the balls of the feet plump up the area where […]

  • Dr. Suzanne Levine and “My Feet Are Killing Me” On The Doctor Oz Show

    Dr. Suzanne Levine, Board Certified NY Podiatrist on The Doctor Oz Show Dr. Suzanne Levine of New York City’s Institute Beaute recently appeared on The Doctor Oz Show where she and Dr. Oz discussed some common foot ailments that many people have to deal with on a daily basis. Feet are at the center of […]